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E3 2014: Sony Press Conference Livestream

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The Sony E3 2014 press conference is finally upon us! While the PlayStation LifeStyle team is on the floor covering the press conferences and the games for our readers, you can take part in the festivities by watching the Sony press conference livestream live at 6 p.m. PT here on PSLS. Catch all the latest announcements, prepare to be amazed, disappointed, and most of all, entertained for an hour.

If you can’t catch the stream live, don’t worry, as the live-stream provided to us by Sony will replay the entire press conference once it’s done, and will be available for seven days post event.

Once the press conference is over, we’ll also provide a live-stream link to PlayStation’s three-day stream of exclusive live coverage from the show floor, which is hosted by the PlayStation Blog. Of course, if you want the best coverage, make sure to check back to PSLS everyday for the entire week as the staff is on the floor conducting interviews, attending events and playing the latest games to give you the latest updates.