Destiny E3 Official “Experience” Trailer Details Everything You Need to Know About the Game

If the Destiny E3 trailer that was revealed during Sony’s press conference left you hanging, then this new video should scratch that itch. In a press release, Activision has released the “Official E3 Gameplay Experience” trailer for Destiny.

About seven-minutes long, the video is narrated by none other than Bungie co-founder Jason Jones. Not only do we see some sweet Destiny gameplay, there’s some story elements, and see what sort of activities you can do in the game’s world.

For more on Destiny, make sure to read up on Bungie’s explanation on the various activities players can do, and check out the white 500GB PS4 Destiny bundle set to be released later this year.

The Destiny alpha is already underway on the PS4, while it’s beta will be open this coming July, just a few months before the sci-fi shooter makes its way out to retail on September 9.

What do you make of Bungie’s debut PlayStation game so far? Could it be the next big shooter?