Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Footage Makes Its Way Into the Wild

While some of you might already be enjoying the Destiny alpha, the majority that have yet to receive a code are gobbling up any scrap of morsel they can get a hold of.

In the video above, we get to see our first look at how competitive multiplayer in Destiny looks like. In some instances it might look like your typical first-person shooter, but there are powers and abilities present that make it stand out from your typical MP fare.

Competitive Destiny multiplayer is comprised of 6 vs. 6 matches, which should make a lot of people very comfortable when it comes to the player count.

For more on Destiny, give the gameplay “Experience” trailer a go to see what other activities you can do in the game aside from killing every online player that moves.

What do you make of Destiny’s competitive multiplayer? Can Bungie make it as addictive as its previous sci-fi shooter?

[Source: Charlie Intel YouTube]