DriveClub Dev: “We’re Fixing Bugs and Waiting for Launch”

With DriveClub the most important PS4 exclusive of the year – seeing as how The Order: 1886 was delayed to February 2015 and LittleBigPlanet 3 is expected to launch on PS3 as well – it was definitely a little strange for the game to be MIA from PlayStation’s E3 2014 press conference.

While Eurogamer was able to talk with Shuhei Yoshida about DriveClub’s press conference absence, he only mentioned that it was due to timing, and failed to elaborate any further.

Elsewhere in the article, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky was interviewed, where he discussed how the DriveClub delay allowed them to improve the title and work on features like weather, and the development team at Evolution Studios is in the final stretch of production:

It was never something we were going to achieve for launch last year, but with the extra time we’ve been given to make sure the dynamic menu and connectivity were spot-on, we had more time to spend on making the cars look better, making the world look better and integrating new features like this.

We’re at the point now obviously in the last stage of development where we’re fixing bugs and waiting for launch – so now we’re at the phase where we’re thinking about what we can bring next to the game. We talked about DriveClub not just being a game that we put out and then it’s done. We wanted to support it for a while, and to have a community that’s active and alive, that there’s always something new and fresh for them to do.

Part of that support includes the post-launch addition of a full weather system, with a Photo Mode also under consideration.

DriveClub launches on October 7th in North America and October 8th in Europe.