FTL on PS Vita Ruled Out due to System’s Screen Size

FTL: Faster Than Light from Subset Games has already achieved critical and commercial success on the PC and iPad, but it won’t be doing the same on PlayStation Vita, as Co-Creator Justin Ma revealed on Twitter:

We looked into it extensively and in the end it just turns out the screen is too small for us. Sorry about that.

Another popular indie game, Papers, Please, was hoping to get a PS Vita port as well, with Creator Lucas Pope saying in February, “I do want to do a Vita version, but the thing is there’s a lot of kind of interesting UI challenges to make it work well on Vita: much smaller screen, much smaller hit targets. So that kind of stuff interests me to try to figure out how to make it work well on Vita.” Hopefully Papers, Please doesn’t suffer the same fate as FTL.

Are you disappointed that FTL won’t come to Vita?

[Source: @JarMustard via IGN]