PlayStation Plus December 2018

December 2018: PlayStation Plus Free Games Include Soma, Onrush, and Some Indie Hits

The PlayStation Plus lineup has officially been announced for December 2018, and it’s headlined by Soma‘s sci-fi horror and Onrush‘s stunt-filled, arcade racing. There’s a sharp contrast between both of these games that should balance out to have something for everyone. Perhaps even more exciting than the leading line-up are the games coming to PS Vita, including Iconoclasts (a cross-buy with the PS4) and Papers, Please. Lastly, the PS3 is getting some love with Steredenn and Steins;Gate arriving to the platform.

Here’s the preview video.

While not always the case, last month and this month’s PlayStation Plus line-up is the same in both North American and Europe.

Here are the games leaving and entering the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection:

Leaving the Instant Game Collection 

Entering the Instant Game Collection

What do you think about this line-up? Which game are you most excited to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below, and stay up to date by keeping up with our weekly PlayStation Store Global Update.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]