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Steins;Gate Elite Review

Steins;Gate Elite Review – Time Is Running Out (PS4)

Let’s do the time warp, like, dozens of times, and just see what happens.

steins gate tenth anniversary

Steins;Gate is Turning Ten in 2019

Time travel is never too old to go out of style.

steins gate elite livestream

Spike Chunsoft is Running a Special Steins;Gate Elite Livestream

Okay, but when’s Steins;Gate Mystery Dungeon?

PlayStation Plus December 2018

December 2018: PlayStation Plus Free Games Include Soma, Onrush, and Some Indie Hits

Something to play for the holidays.


The STEINS;GATE ELITE Release Trailer for the PlayStation 4 Packs Lovely Visuals

Just look at that lab coat flow.

Steins Gate Elite US Release Date

Steins;Gate Elite Release Date Set for February 2019

If we could really time travel, we would have Steins;Gate Elite by now.

steins gate elite bonus

Steins;Gate Elite Bonuses Confirmed for North America

Gonna double dip?

Steins Gate Elite delayed in Japan

Steins;Gate Elite Gets Delayed in Japan

It no longer releases on March 15.

steinsgate elite box art

Check Out the Steins;Gate Elite Box Art

It’s releasing in March.

steinsgate elite box art

Steins;Gate Elite’s Bonuses Depend on What Console You Want it on

These bonuses might just sway your decision.

steins;gate elite trailer

Steins;Gate Elite Trailer Shows Off the Updated Graphics

Get a load of how the animated graphics look in this version of Steins;Gate.

Steins Gate 0 review

Check Out Steins;Gate 0’s Launch Trailer Before Next Week’s Release

Out next week in North America.

Steins Gate 0 review

Steins;Gate 0 Review – The Future Sucks (PS4)

Can you rock me, Amadeus?

Steins;Gate 0 Releases on November 29 for PS4 & PS Vita

Europe gets it a few days earlier.

Steins;Gate 0 Getting a Western Release in 2016 on PS4 & PS Vita

Looks like the PS3 version is staying in Japan.

How Visual Novel Games Like Steins;Gate Bring Interactivity and Reading Together

Visual novels are known for their niche status as text-heavy interactive fiction. Here’s how they make player input a crucial part of their narratives.

Steins;Gate Review – Time Travel Paranoia (Vita)

El Psy Kongroo.

Steins;Gate Releases in North America This August On PS3 and PS Vita

Get the special edition for $79.99.

Steins;Gate Getting a Western Release on PS3 & PS Vita in 2015

PQube says it’s “widely considered to be the finest visual novels ever made.”