Check Out Steins;Gate 0’s Launch Trailer Before Next Week’s Release

The biggest visual novel release of the year happens this week. Steins;Gate 0, the kind-of sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed Vita game Steins;Gate, will release November 29 in North America. MAGES’ visual novel released last week in Europe on PlayStation 4 and Vita, as it came out Friday, November 25.

Steins;Gate 0 is not a traditional sequel as it actually takes place in an alternate timeline. In this reality, the protagonist Okabe Rintaro was unable to save the girl he loves, Makise Kurisu. This leads to a series of events that cause the threat of World War III to loom over humanity, and it seems like the best days of the planet are behind society.

It’s now up to Okabe Rintaro to save humanity, but to do so he’ll need some help. This comes in the form of a computer artificial intelligence system called Amadeus, which was created by the now dead Makise Kurisu. It may sound pretty outlandish, but the visual novel series isn’t really known for its subtlety.

If you can’t wait to know more before the visual novel releases, then check out the launch trailer that publisher PQube has put out. The North American version is embedded above, but a trailer made especially for gamers in Europe was also made available. You can check out the European launch trailer here.

Those on the fence about the highly anticipated visual novel can check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review, which was written by Keri Honea. The general reaction has been if you dug last year’s game, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll enjoy 0. If you didn’t, then this won’t change your mind.

(Source: PQube)