steins gate tenth anniversary

Steins;Gate is Turning Ten in 2019

While Steins;Gate Elite is on the way for an early 2019 release, that’s not the only thing happening in the world of time travel and oddly-place semicolons. While the upcoming pseudo-remake of the original title will drop for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and the PC via Steam on February 19 (the Japanese version dropped earlier this year), October 2019 will be the whole series’ 10th anniversary. The original Steins;Gate released for the Xbox 360 in Japan back in 2009, and it quickly took the visual novel world by storm.  It spread to other platforms and mediums, and now, following a remake project with brand-new anime animations, something else may be on the way.

The official Twitter account for games such as Steins;GateRobotics;NotesChaos;Child and more revealed a new promotional visual for the Steins;Gate 10th anniversary. You can check the tweet out for yourself below. Note that it’s in Japanese, and we used Twitter’s built-in translation tools for more information:

Roughly, the tweet states that the official 10th anniversary for Steins;Gate falls in 2019, and that this new logo has been published as an early celebration. But that isn’t quite the end of it. The tweet also says something to the effect of, “please look forward to future developments.” That seems like a pretty sincere hint that we aren’t done with the Steins;Gate series anytime soon.

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