Steins;Gate Elite Release Date Bumped to 2019 in the West

Stein’s;Gate Elite, the HD remaster of Stein’s;Gate Linear Bounded Phonogram, is no longer headed our way in 2018. Spike Chunsoft announced the news at Anime Expo 2018, with a new expected Stein’s Gate Elite release date window of 2019 planned for both North America and Europe.

The delay, which comes off the back of the game’s first (Japanese) release window shift back in February, appears not to have affected the Japanese release date, which is still slated for September 20.

The franchise, meanwhile, is still going strong on-screen, with nine more Stein’s;Gate 0 episodes still yet to air this year. That’ll leave an agonizing wait for some fans, eager to press on with more adventures featuring the likes of Okabe, Daru, and Mayushii.

While Nintendo Switch owners are (confusingly) getting an 8-bit remaster of Stein’s Gate for their version, the PlayStation 4 edition will feature the aforementioned remaster of Stein’s;Gate Linear Bounded Phonogram, which includes 11 stories from the Stein’s;Gate universe across multiple timelines. If you thought that was hard to follow, just try and keep track of all the timey-wimey twist and turns that take place in the main story, let alone the standalone stuff.

So, bad news, I’m afraid. Even a cheeky D-Mail won’t be able to change the Stein’s;Gate Elite release date.

[Source: Gematsu]