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Steins;Gate Elite’s Bonuses Depend on What Console You Want it on

Looking to import a copy of Steins;Gate Elite, but unsure if you want the visual novel for PlayStation 4, Vita, or Nintendo Switch? Publisher 5pb has announced the first print bonuses that will come with Elite, and the bonuses change depending on what console you’re picking up the game on. Let’s take a look at what you may get, and thanks to Gematsu for originally reporting on it.

If you want to grab Steins;Gate Elite for PlayStation 4, you’ll also get a copy of Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram HD. Originally released in 2013, Linear Bounded Phenogram is as close to a fandisk that you’ll get from the time travelling series, as you work through several short stories with your favorite characters. Linear Bounded Phenogram HD will be the remastered version of the title, and for the time being appears to only be a bonus for Elite PS4.

If you’re wanting to purchase Steins;Gate Elite on Nintendo Switch, you’ll get Famicolle ADV Steins;Gate, a question that asks “what if Steins;Gate was made in 1980?” 5pb states that Famicolle ADV will be a completely new adventure, and the Famicom style is really well done. There’s also a trailer to show off Famicolle ADV:

Finally, if you’re thinking to pick Elite up on Vita… unfortunately there aren’t any special bonuses for the game. Of course, the Vita copy of Steins;Gate Elite has the advantage of being the most portable version of the three titles, and many prefer playing visual novel on the go, so the portability may be enough of a push to give up the other bonuses.

Steins;Gate Elite will release in Japan on March 15.

[Source: Gematsu]