steins;gate elite trailer

Steins;Gate Elite Trailer Shows Off the Updated Graphics

Steins;Gate Elite is a new version of the well-received visual novel, and there’s a new trailer out for the updated version. This trailer shows Elite’s animation in action, as Elite is supposed to be fully animated. Seeing the plot of Steins;Gate in motion is sure to please any fan of the series.

Here’s the trailer, and you can see they used clips from the Steins;Gate anime to help animate Elite:

Gematsu reports that scenes and story routes that were not part of the anime are also being produced, by the same production team as the anime.

There’s not much else to report on Elite, but if you’re wondering why this is newsworthy, make sure to read our review on the original version of Steins;Gate:

Steins;Gate already has a bit of a history in the West. The PC release was given a localization last year, and the anime adaptation has earned rave reviews from audiences. This is the first time the popular story has appeared in playable form on PlayStation platforms, though, and these versions are more than worth a look if you haven’t already experienced this tale elsewhere.

Being a visual novel, there’s obviously a heavy emphasis on narrative and character in Steins;Gate, and this area does not disappoint. The game follows eccentric youth Okabe Rintaro and his friends at the “Future Gadget Laboratory” (read: a tiny apartment above a third-rate CRT store that never gets any business). The group accidentally creates a time machine with one of their goofy inventions, and eventually uncovers information about a well-known research institute performing similar, intentional experiments.

Steins;Gate Elite will release Spring 2018 in Japan on PlayStation 4, Vita, and Nintendo Switch. A localization for the title has not yet been announced.

[Source: Gematsu]