Steins Gate Elite delayed in Japan

Steins;Gate Elite Gets Delayed in Japan

5pb has announced that their highly anticipated title, Steins;Gate Elite, is getting delayed as they want to improve the game’s quality further. This is slated to be an upgraded version of the original Steins;Gate which was first released in Japan on Xbox 360 in October 2009, PlayStation Portable in June 2011, PlayStation 3 in May 2012, and PlayStation Vita in March 2013.

Steins;Gate Elite will have fully animated scenes created by White Fox, the studio that also worked on the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate, and this version will even include new animation scenes not featured in the anime show.

Regarding Steins;Gate Elite, a game software for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch which was originally planned to be released on March 15, 2018, we have decided to change its release date to further improve its quality.

We deeply apologize to customers who have been waiting for the release, to everyone in the distribution business, as well as to anyone else related due to the inconvenience caused. We kindly ask for your understanding and support.

5pb does not give a new release date for Steins;Gate Elite after this delay announcement. They are instead reverting to a simple release timeframe within the year 2018. While the original Steins;Gate had seen worldwide releases on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, and iOS, an English localization for Elite still has not been announced as of yet.

[Source: 5pb]