Ready at Dawn Defends The Order: 1886 Quick-Time Events, Says It Won’t Go “Crazy” With It

If you’ve seen any of The Order: 1886’s gameplay footage, chances are you’ve noticed a quick-time event (QTE) or two popping up during the course of the video. Understandably, this game mechanic has its fair share of detractors, but some gamers do like seeing in-game cinemactics that offer a level of interactivity, regardless of how little it might be.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Ready at Dawn’s Marc Turndorf was asked how frequent QTEs are in the game.

I don’t have a specific answer to that, but once every 3-4 minutes?…No! As much as necessary…There are many kinds of QTEs. There are really compelling ones at the end of a boss battle or just a melee encounter which makes it more gratifying and gives it some branches which are really fun.

Turndorf then explains that while there are indeed many QTEs in the third-person shooter, the studio didn’t go “crazy” and added it every couple of minutes.

Then there are some little things like opening a door and things like that. There are plenty in the game, as many as necessary but we don’t go crazy like “Oh! It’s been 4 minutes, we don’t have a QTE we need a QTE ahh! What are we gonna do?!” It’s not like that. We tried to place them in compelling manners that users can really enjoy.

While our brief hands-on time with The Order was used to introduce the characters, beneath all the narrative was a game that had serious potential to be part of Sony’s vaunted first-party franchise. This shouldn’t really be surprising, since the game is being made to showcase the PlayStation 4.

Will Ready at Dawn succeed in melding gameplay with QTEs that aren’t annoying? We’ll know soon enough once The Order: 1886 is released in February 2015.

[Source: Gaming Bolt]