Ready at Dawn Celebrates The Order: 1886’s 4th Anniversary With VFX Videos

On February 20, 2019, The Order: 1886 celebrated its fourth year anniversary. While the game is widely regarded as one of the PlayStation 4’s earlier missteps, the title deserves recognition. It’s special in its own right, backed by a fascinating world that players unfortunately don’t get to spend much time in. To offer fans a glimpse behind the curtain, Ready at Dawn has shared a few videos, highlighting the VFX that went in to crafting The Order: 1886’s Victorian setting.

The developer shared the first video on its official Twitter page, while also thanking fans for the “continued support.” Check out the video below, which dives into Read at Dawn’s process for creating character VFX in The Order: 1886. Most notably, it demonstrates how the team used previsualization as a guide to adjust scenes when recording on the mocap stage. The video also briefly explores the studio’s still incredible lighting techniques.

A second VFX video centers on the game’s environment, particularly that of the Airship sequence. Suffice it to say, the detail is impeccable. The lengths Ready at Dawn went to in an effort to craft realism in the environment, including the ways in which characters interact with it, cannot be understated. See the video in full below:

The third and final video does not focus on any one specific aspect. Rather, a variety of elements in the game are briefly delved into, from explorable areas and characters to costumes and creatures. Check it out below:

Barring other behind-the-scenes content, this may be the last thing we hear about The Order: 1886 for some time. While Ready at Dawn can’t disclose whether there’s a chance the series will return, it certainly seems to have been put out to pasture. Hopefully, one day, a sequel of some sort will grace PlayStation platforms.

[Source: Ready at Dawn]