Tetris Ultimate Devs Talk 1080p/60fps, No Loading, & Watching People’s Replays on PS4

Launching this summer on PlayStation 4 and this fall on PlayStation Vita is Tetris Ultimate, with Ubisoft serving as publisher. To help get more information on the game, the Ubi Blog interviewed many different people close to the franchise, with Content Game Designer Florence Vaillant explaining how co-op works:

You basically share a well. So everyone starts with a well that’s slightly bigger, and there’s a piece in the middle that is the shared area of the well. So people will have their pieces coming in on their allocated well, and you can drop the pieces in that shared well. Basically what’s going to happen is, we have an overall score, but then you’re able to determine who did what, who contributed what to the party.

With Tetris Ultimate coming to the PS4, Producer Adrian Price, Vaillant, and Tetris Company Co-Founder Henk Rogers were all asked what the benefits of being on a new-gen console were. Their answers highlight 60fps, 1080p, no loading, and the ability to see who is the best Tetris player in the world:

Price: It’s 60 frames per second…

Vaillant: No loading…

Price: 1080p… One of our big things was one button-press to get into the game as quickly as possible. If you just want to restart, boom, it happens immediately. So the benefit of being on these systems is practically no loading time, which is amazing. The social aspect is something we’re pushing as well; the connected nature of these consoles now means that I can see who the best players in the world are on leaderboards and challenge them.

Rogers: [Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov’s] original command to me was, ‘I want to know who the best player in the world is.’ And this is something that this game on this platform can actually help us find out. Because all the scores, and all the gameplay of all the players, whoever played this game, will be accessible by all the other players. So I’ll know who’s the best player, and I’ll be able to see his game.

Price: Yes! Replay’s in there. So if you set a score, I can go in, watch that round, and then I can go and play that mode and try to beat that score. Then when I beat that score, you’ll get a message saying you’ve been surpassed.

Rogers: So the point there is that if there is a Tiger Woods of Tetris, and he’s playing somewhere in the world, in the old days, only Tiger Woods gets to see his own game. But now, everybody in the world gets to see his game. Everybody gets the benefit of watching other people’s techniques, and then their levels will go up. So it’s like the beginning of Tetris as a virtual sport, and that is the potential of this product.

Do you think you’ll top the leaderboards in Tetris Ultimate?