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EA COO Peter Moore: Core Gamers Uncomfortable With Video Game Industry Growth

With video games and gaming in general now more accepted socially worldwide due to mobile games and free-to-play fare, the transition hasn’t been as rosy as most people would think it should be.

Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore thinks this is because core gamers (most people reading video game sites, I expect) are not comfortable with how the video game industry is growing.

I think the challenge sometimes is that the growth of gaming… there’s a core that doesn’t quite feel comfortable with that…The industry in particular. I don’t get frustrated, but I scratch my head at times and say, ‘Look. These are different times.’ And different times usually evoke different business models. Different consumers come in. They’ve got different expectations. And we can either ignore them or embrace them, and at EA, we’ve chosen to embrace them.

And embrace EA has done; from developing mostly AAA games, the publisher has splintered off to cater to F2P games, and to mobile games.

Do you agree with Moore or are people “uncomfortable” with this kind of growth since they don’t want every game to be a F2P variant or be targeted to casual/mobile gamers?

[Source: Games Industry]