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Peter Moore video game press conferences

Peter Moore Issues a Farewell Message on His Last Day in the Video Game Industry

He will work at EA no moore.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA Executive Peter Moore Leaves to Join Liverpool Football Club as CEO

Straight from the house of FIFA.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA’s Peter Moore Isn’t Worried About Retail Sales

Interesting points from Peter Moore.

EA’s Peter Moore Doesn’t Seem Interested in a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

EA wants to move forward.

NCAA Football Return

EA Exec Teases the Possible Return of NCAA Football Game Franchise

Don’t tease the fans, Peter.

PS4 Neo

Moore: EA Is Working on PS4 Neo Content, “Our Dev Teams Love What They’re Seeing”

“I think Sony and Microsoft have done this incredibly well.”

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA’s Peter Moore Doesn’t Think There Will Be Video Game Press Conferences Much Longer

It’s going that direction, that’s for sure.

EA’s EA Play Press Conference to Showcase Games From 2016, 2017 & Beyond

Marshawn Lynch, Wiz Khalifa and Zedd will be playing Battlefield 1.

EA’s Peter Moore Unsure If There Will Be Consoles in the Future

“Games will be accessed by streaming technology, so we don’t need hardware intermediaries in between the two.”

EA Says Star Wars Battlefront Will Still Move 13 Million Copies, Admits Potential Lack of Depth for Hardcore Players

It will have an “incredibly long tail.”

EA’s Next Fiscal Year Is An “Embarrassment of Riches” With Mass Effect, Battlefield & Mirror’s Edge

We may even see a new Titanfall next fiscal year.

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Includes “New Universes,” Content Rolls Out Over Next 12-18 Months

Battlefront is “more appropriate for younger players than maybe some other shooter titles in the market.”

EA Says HD Remakes Feel “Like Pushing Stuff out Because You’ve Run out of Ideas”

Peter Moore doesn’t know where they’d find the time for them.

Women Oversee Some of the Most “Powerful” Electronic Arts Franchises, Says COO Peter Moore

There’s been an “incredible growth” in number of female devs.

Peter Moore: “Doesn’t Matter” If I Want EA Access on PS4, Xbox One Owners Love It

“Well Sony talked about it, ask them.”

EA COO Peter Moore: Konami and Kojima Will “Kiss and Make Up”

“They’ll be fine.”

EA Unsure If Need for Speed Will Be Annualized Again

EA COO Peter Moore only wants it every year if it can do something new.

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Footage Gets “Superb Ovation” From Retail Event According to EA COO

Not long now until we see it, then.

EA Looking at a “Free-to-Start” Model for Console Games

Publisher says 3 million last-gen consoles were sold in the US during 2014.