Peter Moore Issues a Farewell Message on His Last Day in the Video Game Industry

After 18 years, Peter Moore is working his last day in the video games industry. As announced back in February, he’s going to become CEO of Liverpool Football Club.

Here’s some highlights from the farewell message he posted on Twitter (via NeoGAF):

Game Over. Press Start…

“Today is my final day working in the video game industry…”

These are the words that I have dreaded writing for weeks now, following the announcement of my appointment as CEO of Liverpool FC. I am leaving behind thousands of great memories that comprise the career journey of a lifetime. From the advent of online gaming (albeit via a 56K modem) to the “console wars”, and now to games as 365 days a year, live experiences, I have been fortunate to have borne witness to the amazing growth of this, our wonderful gaming industry. During my days at Sega, Microsoft, and EA, I have worked with some of the smartest, creative, and innovative minds on this planet. Hundreds, if not thousands of whom I am honored to call “friend” …

I shall miss everything about the industry each day henceforth.

Moore’s Twitter account is protected, but in his bio, he mentions his time at SEGA, Microsoft, and EA. “Proud to work at EA. Equally proud of my time at MSFT, SEGA and Reebok. Live and die for Liverpool FC. Card carrying member of Red Sox Nation and the Pats,” he writes.

Moore put together the above video, where you can get a look at some of the things he’s done in the industry.

[Source: Peter Moore via NeoGAF]