Moore: EA Is Working on PS4 Neo Content, “Our Dev Teams Love What They’re Seeing”

EA has been one of the more vocal third-party companies when it comes to talking about the upcoming PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio hardware refreshes, saying in the past that they’re thrilled about what both console manufacturers are doing. In a new interview with IGN, Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore confirmed that they’re working on content for both platforms and, when it comes to the technological output, he says “our dev teams love what they’re seeing right now.”

After talking about how he thinks the new consoles are good for the industry, and how they extend the console generation, Moore added, “I think Sony and Microsoft have done this incredibly well. They have taken what they needed to do, whether it’s 4K… to keep the platform fresh for technology that’s moving faster than the archaic nature of a 10-year piece of hardware cycle.”

In addition to drumming up excitement for hardcore gamers who want the latest and greatest piece of hardware, Moore put on his sales guy hat and said the new consoles will bring in more gamers as the current consoles are put up for sale on places like Craigslist and eBay.

Expect full PS4 Neo details on September 7 during the PlayStation Meeting.

[Source: IGN via Games Industry]