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Report: Crytek UK Staff Working on Homefront: The Revolution No Longer Coming to Work, Fate of the Game Unknown

Late last month, we ran a report from multiple sources that state Crytek (Crysis, Ryse) was having issues with finances and wasn’t paying employees on time and with their full salaries.

Now, it seems things have taken a turn for the worse — if a recent report from Kotaku is to be believed.

According to the post, four people connected to Crytek UK, the studio behind Homefront: The Revolution, they still have not been paid their full salaries. In addition to that, two sources have claimed that staff at the studio have filed formal grievances and went home.

One person familiar with the studio estimates that around 100 people have left Crytek UK, but it’s not clear as of yet who’s leaving permanently, and how many intend to stay with the company. The rumor floating around internally is that Crytek and Deep Silver, who’s publishing Homefront, are currently in talks on what will happen next. The report also adds that a couple of people connected to Crytek UK are hoping that Deep Silver will outright buy the studio to continue the funding and development of Homefront: The Revolution; though nothing has been decided yet.

Reps for both Crytek and Deep Silver have declined to comment on the situation as of press time.

Given the frequency of the reports, it might be safe to say that something is happening at Crytek and it’s not good. While we’ve yet to see anyone from the studio formally address these allegations, the fact that people connected to the studio are speaking out — anonymous as they might be — should signal that the staff are no longer taking things sitting down.

We will update the story as it develops.

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