Homefront: The Revolution Update Today Adds PS4 Pro & DLC Support

The Spring Update for Homefront: The Revolution is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, developer Deep Silver Dambuster Studios has announced. It includes support for the upcoming Beyond the Walls expansion, PlayStation 4 Pro support, the Console Trial Mode, and some bug fixes.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Homefront: The Revolution update:

  • Support for our third and final DLC, Beyond The Walls (Releasing March 8)
  • Console Trial Mode with unlimited free access to Resistance Mode
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Support
  • HDR support on PS4 and PS4 Pro
  • Various bug fixes

After installing the update, PS4 Pro owners will find that Dambuster is now “rendering the game world to a 1440p buffer before up-scaling it to 4K to achieve a greater level of graphical fidelity.” Additionally, the front-end menus and all of the in-game UI layers are being “rendered in a separate pass at 4K to the output buffer,” and the special Easter egg content is being rendered at native 4K.

Creative Producer David Stenton explained what to expect from Beyond the Walls:

Beyond The Walls is the largest piece of single player DLC among those we have released. The story is set in a new rural environment outside of the walls of Philadelphia which fans of the original Homefront will feel familiar with. Fans of the series may be interested to know that the overall story and ending for Beyond the Walls is actually a resurrection of a story line from the original proposal for the game early on in its development, so we really have come full circle.

As for the free Trial mode, you’ll be able to play the main campaign up to the point where Benjamin Walker reaches the first Yellow Zone (about two to four hours of gameplay). On top of this, the online co-op Resistance mode is fully unlocked in the Trial.

The free Trial isn’t up on the PlayStation Store yet, so it may not be available until Tuesday/Wednesday.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Homefront]