Report: Destiny Beta to Last 10 Days According to Japanese Beta Site (Update)


An Activision rep has issued us the following statement in regards to the report.

Bungie hasn’t announced the beta calendar yet. Stay tuned for news on that.

We’ll keep you posted once we get any official confirmation from either Bungie or Activision.

Original Story:

We’ve got to admit that we’re dying to get our hands on Destiny, so this Reddit thread immediately caught our attention. User seooo13 shared a statement from official Destiny beta Japanese site, which mentions that the beta will last 10 days.

A translation of the statement is shown below.

クローズドβテスト実施期間: 2014年7月18日(金)~7月27日(日)

Which I believe translates to:

Closed Beta Test Period: Friday, July 18 (*Japan time), to Sunday, July 27.

Since the NA/EU beta starts on the 17th, we wonder if it will last for full 10 days before coming to a close on Sunday, July 27. Bear in mind that this date only applies to PlayStation owners, so if true, we don’t know if this means non-PlayStation gamers will only have seven days of beta access.

For more Destiny-related news, Bungie has revealed that the “Ghost” voice in the alpha will be updated in the beta, and again for the retail release.

We’ve reached out to Activision for a statement, and will update you once we hear anything back.

[Source: Reddit]