Report: Destiny PvP Modes Revealed, Includes Skirmish, Rumble and More

A screen shot taken from an IGN video and shared on Reddit reveals a list of what seem to be the PvP (player vs. player) modes in Bungie’s upcoming title, Destiny.

The image lists the following modes:

  • Skirmish
  • Control
  • Lockdown
  • Team
  • Rumble

destiny pvp

We’re not sure what each of these modes mean yet, but hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough. We’re guessing that Skirmish is something similar to a team deathmatch, and Rumble is most likely free-for-all. Perhaps, we’ll get to play some of these in the beta.

The PSLS team gave Destiny alpha a go, and the general consensus is that it was awesome. But we’re also dying to find out how PvP fits into everything eventually.

What do you make of the screen shot? Any guesses as to what these modes might be?

[Source: IGN via Reddit]