Best Buy US Offering Killzone: Shadow Fall for $19.99

Those in the US who haven’t had a chance to get their hands on the PlayStation 4 exclusive shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall, might want to check out Best Buy’s recent offer. You can own a brand new copy of the game for a whopping $19.99.

The first-person shooter was released last year as a PS4 launch title, and received generally positive reviews. Killzone: Shadow Fall went on to sell over 2 million copies and is the best-selling PS4 title to date. We played the game ourselves and quite liked it. We also recently reviewed the Intercept DLC, which offers some fun co-op action if you and your friends are interested in giving the game a go at this price.

We’re not sure how long the sale will last so grab your copy as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the deal is not available in Canadian stores.

[Source: Best Buy]