Report: Destiny Beta Client Can be Downloaded via EU PSN Accounts Right Now

A thread has appeared on NeoGAF detailing how to download the Destiny beta client immediately via an EU PSN account. User HiredN00bs reports that once you pre-order the game (no immediate payment required), the beta client will begin downloading. He explains:

It will say that it has completed after downloading a small portion of it, but will continue to download in the background. To see the actual progress, navigate to the Destiny Beta tile, click the OPTIONS button, and select Information. You’ll see a screen similar to the one in this post.

Another user, Dan27, chipped in by saying that people can cancel their pre-orders to avoid paying, but the beta will be downloaded regardless. Do note, though, that the file size is 15gb. 

We’re treating this as a report as we haven’t tried this for ourselves. Additionally, PSLS will take no responsibility in case readers attempt this and face any repercussions. 

[Source: NeoGAF]