PayDay 2 Director David Goldfarb Leaves Overkill, Abandons AAA

PayDay 2 Director David Goldfarb announced today that he’s left developer Overkill Software to form a new indie studio in Stockholm:

I have decided to move on. It’s all on good terms and I think [Overkill] is well positioned to succeed. They’re doing great. They’ll continue to succeed as the last Steam sales indicate. Super smart people over there.

Having previously worked on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 at DICE before joining Overkill in 2012, Goldfarb admits, “I knew that at some point the thing that I always wanted was to make my own thing. It doesn’t matter who I work with: the desire was never to make other people’s games, no matter how good they are.” After saying that, he added how he’s not doing AAA games anymore:

I’m abandoning AAA. Payday 2 wasn’t AAA but it had AAA sales. But I just want to find genres that I can subvert. To do that I can’t be working for people in the way that I was, I just don’t want any of that shit.

So what will Goldfarb’s new game be? “No MOBAs, no comic book styled art, no pixel art. Like, those are things I will not do. And there’s nothing wrong with those things, those things are all awesome, I just don’t want to do any of them. I love role-playing games, so I will probably make one.”

Goldfarb’s new studio is already set up, with early conceptual work having been done for the last few months.

[Source: Polygon via Games Industry]