Bad Gamers: Ep 79 – Hate Mail, Gender Swaps and a Sniper Elite 3 DLC Giveaway

The Bad Gamers crew is back, a bit early this week due to San Diego Comic Con on the horizon, but with all the normal content you have grown to hate. With that, Dan and Chandler read out their favorite hate mails, discuss Square Enix’s decision to squish a fan project, and how some of your favorite characters are changing. So, make sure to tune in!



Is it OK for companies to just swap out a characters gender or racial identity? Did you send us hate mail? If not, why not?  Let us know in the comments below, hit us up on our weekly Bad Gamers breakdown or send us all your Tweeterness at Dan and Chandler and finally, to win a code for the Sniper Elite 3 DLC on PS4, send an mail to [email protected].