Ready at Dawn Claims The Order: 1886 Graphical Fidelity Couldn’t Have Been Achieved With “Other Consoles”



Just last month, Ready at Dawn claims The Order: 1886 was designed from the ground up to showcase the PlayStation 4’s power.

Now, speaking at a recent Sony event in New York, Ready at Dawn Community Manager J Goldberg went one step further and said that The Order’s graphical fidelity can only be achieved on the PS4 saying, “We couldn’t have achieved this graphical fidelity with any other console.”

Ready at Dawn is using full performance capture for all characters in the game, as well as using the same character models for both gameplay sections and cut scenes, which should make transitions from one to the other a seamless experience. “We’re moving the camera in space, we’re not loading in a video,” Goldberg added.

You can check out how The Order looks in its latest trailer, or go read up on our hands-on preview of the third-person shooter.

Do you agree with Ready at Dawn? Can The Order’s visuals only be achievable with the PS4 or can the other console handle it as well with just a lower frame-rate and resolution?

[Source: GameSpot]