EA Claims There’s “Never a Shortage of Ideas” When it Comes to Improving Annual Sports Games

It’s a given these days that sports games are annual releases to coincide with each sport’s new season. Not only are rosters update, but there are some gameplay tweaks added to the mix to warrant the new $60 price tag.

But are studios having a hard time adding new features to sports games year after year? Apparently not — at least according to EA Sports NHL 15 Producer Sean Ramjagsingh. Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle in an exclusive chat, we asked whether it was difficult to find ways to improve the game on a yearly basis.

Not at all. There is never a shortage of ideas when you combine the features that we couldn’t get into the previous iteration, all of the fan feedback we get and the new ideas that we come up with throughout the development process as a team.

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Do you agree with Ramjagsingh or should studios try and cram as many of those ideas in one go, so we can opt to just download expansions instead of buying sports games at full price?