Bungie: Ongoing Discussion Happening Right Now Regarding Proper Chat System in Destiny

For those who played the Destiny beta, chances are you’ve noticed that the game’s chat system is kind of offbeat. By this, I mean it’s either you set up a party outside the game, or you need to be in someone’s three-man fireteam to be able to communicate via voice.

Unfortunately, this means that in PvP or in other modes, talking tactics and such aren’t possible, which rubbed some people off the wrong way. In a Q&A session with IGN, it was asked whether there’s going to be a team chat or proximity chat option in the final game and here’s what Eric “Urk” Osborne from Bungie had to say:

We’ve seen the feedback, and there’s quite a bit of ongoing discussion happening around this right now. I don’t have a definitive decision, but I can say that the team wanted to err on the side of promoting and fostering positive communications between strangers in the world, and knew that friends were going to find simple and effective ways to enable voice chat with friends through the Fireteam audio channel, and platform chat. We hear you, though. Please keep sounding off with feedback. We’re just getting started!

Based on his response, it seems Bungie might be looking into it, but nothing’s set in stone on whether it will actually be in the final retail release.

Did Destiny’s “gimped” part chat annoyed you in the beta? What’s the best way for Bungie to fix it so that it works for both co-op, Strikes and PvP?

[Source: IGN]