PlayStation 4 Outselling Xbox One in Germany According to Official Sales Figures

NPD Group’s European counterpart, Media Control GfK, has revealed official sales figures which suggest that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One…by more than double.

During the last nine months, the PlayStation 4 sold 540,000 units whereas the Xbox One sold 170,000 units. On the other hand, Sony’s last-gen console, the PlayStation 3, sold 4,200,000 units while Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 2,100,000 in the country. Considering that the PlayStation 4 has sold nine million units worldwide, Germany seems to be accounting for 6% of the total sales. And out of five million Xbox One’s sold, 3.4% were purchased in the country. 

At the moment, the Xbox One can be purchased in Germany for a little less than the PlayStation 4’s price. The former costs €373 without Kinect while the latter costs around €395. 

Germany, of course, does not represent all of Europe, but these are interesting statistics nonetheless. It remains to be seen how Microsoft intends to gain more market share in the region. 

[Source: CraveOnline]