Crytek Still Owns TimeSplitters IP, Not Part of Homefront Deal

Remember TimeSplitters? That crazy game that had monkeys in a shooter? If you have fond memories of it, don’t expect a new entry in the franchise anytime soon. 

Deep Silver has confirmed that the TimeSplitters IP is still owned by Crytek, and not part of the Homefront brand acquisition deal. While the deal saw some Crytek UK employees transition to its new studio, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, that didn’t include the TimeSplitters franchise, which Crytek UK admitted to having “a lot of love” for

Unfortunately, with Crytek owning the IP and  the company in a rather precarious state, well, it doesn’t look like it will be launching any AAA games anytime soon.  But one can hope. And of course, there’s no stopping Deep Silver from reaching into its pockets to buy the IP from Crytek.

The last game in the TimeSplitters franchise was TimeSplitters: Future Perfect that was released way back in 2005 for the GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2.

[Source: Polygon]