Ex-Vigil Staff Leave Crytek to Form Gunfire Games, Considering Darksiders 3

Defunct Vigil Games that worked on the Darksiders IP is, kind of, back under a new name. For those who don’t remember, the demise of Vigil Games occurred in 2013 along with THQ’s. Many staff members including founder David L. Adams left to join Crytek. Recently, Adams resigned from Crytek in the midst of all the troubles that it was going through, and he took with him some ex-colleagues from his previous company to open up an independent studio called Gunfire Games. 

Speaking to Polygon, Adams disclosed that he abruptly thought of leaving Crytek and forming his own studio once again. “I decided and resigned that same day,” he said. He also admitted that it was owing to Crytek’s troubles that he decided to part ways. Speaking of leaving in the middle of developing a brand new game, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, Adams said:

I think that was the reason it took us so long to make that decision. It was the right decision to make. But we had to decide if we wanted to walk away from [Hunt]. It was an intense mix of emotions. It’s very hard to walk away from a project you invested a ton of time into.

In the same interview, Adams said that Darksiders 3 was in the developer’s head but he never got a chance to make it. Now that he’s formed his own studio and Nordic Games doesn’t seem to have any immediate plans for the IP, he is exploring the option of returning to Darksiders. Worth noting that Nordic said last month that it was “talking” to staff who worked on the previous Darksiders games. 

Will we see a Darksiders 3? Time will tell!

[Source: Polygon]