Dead Space Franchise “Not Dead,” Claims Visceral Games

Remember a few months ago when EA Studios EVP Patrick Soderlund said that even if a new Dead Space game isn’t in development, that it was “absolutely” possible for a future installment? This same sentiment has been echoed by Visceral Games Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis in a recent interview.

Speaking to Kotaku UK, Papoutsis says that to him, the franchise isn’t dead, and that he’s excited what a new Dead Space game would be like for today’s generation of consoles.

Is Dead Space dead? Not for me it’s not. I love it, the team at Visceral loves it. Having worked on it for seven years, this was a good break for us to try something different…But there’s a lot of passion about that franchise, not just from me but from others in the company, so I think it’s an IP that’s important for the company. You never know where it’s going to go… I’d definitely be excited about what it would be like on this gen.

Even if Dead Space 3 bombed at retail and was more of a shooter than a horror game, I admit, I’m still hoping for a proper sequel to the series. I’m just hoping it’s more Dead Space 2 and less shootbang this time.

Should EA release another Dead Space game or would you rather the franchise rest a few more years before coming back?

[Source: Kotaku UK]