Until Dawn “Around Nine Hours” Long, Will Have “Hundreds of Endings”

Possibly one of the most awesome reveals at this year’s Sony gamescom press conference was Until Dawn. Not only was it announced to be heading to the PlayStation 4 instead of the PS3, but it’s now a more mature and darker take.

While we’ve seen our first gameplay footage of the horror game, we now know a few more important details as well. First off, the game will reportedly be “around nine hours long” according to Executive Producer Pete Samuels (via Kotaku UK).  Now, if you think the length isn’t good enough, it’s because the game encourages you to replay segments to see all the possible endings the game has to offer.

Yep, the game will have multiple endings — “hundreds” of them, in fact. By using an in-game system called the “Butterfly Effect,” Until Dawn will offer players “thousands of player paths that lead to hundreds of possible endings,” according to Destructoid. In addition to that, it also mentions that there are “no restarts” in Until Dawn; by this it means that once a character dies, they’re gone for good. Each character’s fate will be decided by the player’s decision.

Hopefully, the endings Supermassive Games has in mind will be meaty enough that players will want to replay the game constantly. Are you OK with Until Dawn only lasting nine hours or is that too short for a full-fledged retail game?

[Source: Kotaku UK, Destructoid via Videogamer]