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BioWare Producer Says Picking Genders and Sexuality in Games Should No Longer be an Issue

BioWare has been pretty vocal in its support of the LGBT community, and has on several occasions said that it plans to cater to it in future video games as well. Having introduced the first “fully gay” character in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the developer doesn’t understand why picking various genders and sexuality as opposed to just one is still an issue. 

Producer Cameron Lee said during gamescom 2014 that companies do have the technology to make this happen.

It’s an important topic. It goes back to fantasy fulfilment. Your fantasies may be different to mine in terms of gender, sexuality, race, class, how you look, all these things. We’re not going to force you to be a fixed character, that you have to be this male guy that runs through the world and looks a certain way, walks a certain way. We even give you choices of voices. So why picking a gender or sexuality is an issue is beyond me. We have the technology to do it, and we have for a long time, so why not let your fantasy be different?

Lee further added that all successful role-playing games should be inclusive as the freedom to play the way you want is at the core of such games. 

Do you agree with him?

[Source: VG247]