Activision Resurrected Sierra Due to a Big “Indie Movement”

Activision recently revealed that the defunct publisher Sierra Entertainment (formerly Sierra On-Line) is back up and running, and already working on two games. Many were pleasantly surprised by this move, and understandably wanted to know what prompted it. MCV reports that Activision brought Sierra back due to a push towards indie development. Sierra’s MacLean Marshall said:

The indie movement is happening. And for Activision not to be involved in that… it has the big brands sure, but I think it would be a miss if we didn’t look at the indie movement as well. For us, it is about finding the right devs with the right ideas – whether that is bringing back an old Sierra IP or something entirely new.

Senior Director of External Development Bob Loya added:

We wanted to do this stuff for a long time, and unfortunately there wasn’t a path in Activision to do it because we were focused on the big blockbusters. With digitally distributed games becoming bigger every year, we were able to make a compelling business argument that we could be financially successful doing this, while working with really cool indie talent on great IP.

Sierra recently confirmed to PlayStation LifeStyle that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will be coming to the PlayStation 4.