Kojima Reavealed the Hidden Message Nobody Could Find in P.T.

The Silent Hills Playable Teaser (P.T) released last week had more than a few subtle hints and messages, all well hidden throughout the entire game. While most of them were discovered by fans and immediately published online, there’s was one message nobody managed to discover. 

Hideo Kojima comes to aid gamers in their continuous search for clues in P.T. with the reveal of the previously mentioned message. The “7780s” phrase found in the game, translates in a post code for Shizuoka, Japan. The name’s translation is Quiet Hills, a common nickname for Silent Hills in that region. So, adding “s” to “7780” will result in Silent Hills.

P.T. is now available to every PlayStation 4 owner, and we’re sure that the game still has some undiscovered clues. So, go ahead and play it! If you are a fan of Silent Hills and love mysteries, you might also want to know what’s behind the radio transmission in P.T.

[Source: Youtube (Konami) via NOWGamer]