NBA Live 15 Cover Athlete to be Trail Blazer Damian Lillard

August 25, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Electronic Arts announced today that Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard will be featured on the cover of NBA Live 15.

Lillard excitedly confirmed the news on Twitter, and many fans reached out to offer him congratulations. 

Besides being on the cover of NBA Live 15, Lillard also helped out with some motion-capture sessions. EA released a video of Lillard’s participation in the sessions at EA studios.

Lillard was drafted by Portland back in 2012, and won Rookie of the Year in 2013. He will be the only Trail Blazer to get on the cover of NBA Live, which has been around since 1994. 

The All-Star guard was also asked to try out for USA Basketball, but missed the final cut. However, he has said in an interview that the experience has helped him “grow as a player.” 

NBA Live 15 will be released on October 7 for PS4 and Xbox One. 

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