Bungie’s Future to be “All About Destiny,” Developing Parallel Projects Unlikely

Not only is Destiny one of the year’s biggest games, but from what Bungie has said so far, it’s definitely on track to be the studio’s biggest game undertaking in history. Now if you were expecting another game to come out of the studio anytime soon once Destiny launches, then you’re out of luck.

In an interview with TotalXbox, Director of Production Jonty Barnes was asked whether there’s going to be any other projects being developed alongside Destiny since it looks like the studio will be very busy with the sci-fi shooter for quite a while — 10 years according to the studio. Unfortunately, Barnes hinted that for the foreseeable future, it’s “all about Destiny.”

I think it’s very hard to imagine anything detracting from our focus on Destiny right now. I think we’ve got really ambitious plans going forward, we’ve really built a foundation for the universe and we have really elaborate plans to build upon it.

And I think one thing that I’ve learned over the years as a studio manager on multiple projects, like multiple Halos and between Destiny and Halo was – there’s nothing better than the entire focus of the studio to do something really ambitious, and I think as the complexity and demands on games to be great pieces of entertainment, the more eyes you can have on it and the more expertise, the more chance you have of success.

And I think – we had a tactical decision when we became an independent company, whether we wanted to do multiple initiatives, because we certainly had the talent to do that adventurous stuff, but by putting all of our eggs in one basket we’d know it had more chance of eclipsing what we’d done before and I’m really glad we’ve took the latter, and I think we’re going to continue to take that philosophy of making sure that the quality is guaranteed, and anything from that which is a distraction is going to be challenging, so… it’s all about Destiny for… as far as I can tell.

Wile some people might think Bungie focusing solely on Destiny for the next few years is a bad thing, I’m personally very OK with it. If Bungie wants to continue developing Destiny and making sure the franchise is the best it can be for the next few years, I’m all for it. It’s better that way rather than the studio channeling its resources into multiple projects and not hitting the quality it’s known for, right?

Would you want Bungie to develop a game that’s not connected to Destiny once the the game is released this September? Or would you prefer it if the studio worked on expansions and other content for the franchise right away?

[Source: TotalXbox]