People Really Want Beards in Destiny, Says Bungie

Out of all the feedback Bungie received from the Destiny beta, the most surprising is how many people want beards as a customization option, with Jonty Barnes, Director of Production, telling Kotaku:

Here’s a funny one for you – this was a surprise – beards. I am not kidding you. The amount of requests for beards – and this isn’t just people, this is cultures as well that find them very important.

At one point during development, Bungie did prototype beards, but at that time, “it wasn’t a priority.” With all the people asking for them though, Barnes says it’s something they should be thinking about in a serious way, and people on the team are actively talking about how much it would take to implement beards.

Barnes added:

But that’s like wow, really? This is the big topic that people are talking about coming out of the beta? For the graphics team – hell yeah! They are all on it. They want beards. They want to be able to give that. That’s super-fun. If that’s the biggest concern for the graphics team: great!

Summing it up, Barnes said he doesn’t know when beards might appear in the game, “but I’m pretty sure by the end of time there will be plenty of beards in Destiny.”

Would you be happy if Bungie brought beards to Destiny post-launch?

[Source: Kotaku via GameSpot]