Sony Santa Monica: “We’re Making a New Style of Game”

August 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Chronicling their move from Penn Station to The Reserve, PlayStation released the above new video about Sony Santa Monica, which also includes a discussion on their new logo, a look at their studio through a scavenger hunt, a few questions from their first day game show, and more.

Also, at 0:58, one member of the team says, “It’s gonna be a new page. I think we’ll set up some new routines. We’re making a new style of game. It’s gonna be a good symbolic break and a new beginning.” It’s possible he’s talking about the studio’s collaboration on The Order: 1886, Hohokum, or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, or he’s talking about a brand new game from the core team, so feel free to take that comment however you like.

Here’s the description for the video:

After 15 years in the house that built the hit franchise God of War and published award-winning games including flOw, Flower, Journey, Warhawk, Sound Shapes, The Unfinished Swan, Fat Princess, and more, Santa Monica Studio has moved to a new development home. Watch their journey from the final day at Penn Station to the beginning of a new chapter at The Reserve. Learn more about the culture of Santa Monica Studio, a family of developers who make it one extremely fun place.

Following the video, Cory Barlog sent out this tweet to everyone wondering what he’s working on:

What do you think “Number 8” is?