Sony Santa Monica Unveils New Studio Logo

After moving into the new studio location where they will create their “next great game for PlayStation 4,” Sony Santa Monica revealed the new company logo (above) today, which they began working on over a year ago.

Director Shannon Studstill discussed the reasoning behind their new logo:

Kinetica, God of War, Journey, Hohokum, and The Order: 1886 — these are just a few examples of our studio’s strong internal and external legacy encompassing a broad spectrum of innovative and diverse titles. As we at Santa Monica Studio continue our odyssey to develop great games for PS4 (no hints!), both with our internal studio and our external dev partners, it seemed befitting to seek out a new unified studio logo. The goal — create a flexible identity for all of our games, a united banner for all we do.


After saying how “our new logo is a dynamic ‘window’ into our games,” Studstill continued:

Our new logo, with its bold, simple structure can become a frame to the world of our games, filled with elements of the game such as key colors, textures, game content and screenshots. When you see the new animated logo boot up with our next external dev games such as Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and Hohokum, you’ll further understand how we crafted a mark that allows our games to visually become part of the brand.

“We have an incredible future ahead for a new generation on PS4 under this new roof and with our external partners,” she added. “Now we have a mark that will continue to evolve and expand with every new game from Santa Monica Studio.”

Details are still under wraps for what the internal studio at Sony Santa Monica is working, but here’s “2 of the Commanders on our next PS4 project,” which includes Cory Barlog:

[Source: PS Blog, Instagram]