H1Z1 for the PS4 Will Come After a Steady PC Release, Says SOE

Sony Online Entertainment’s zombie-survival online game H1Z1 will come to the PlayStation 4 after a stable PC release, according to Senior Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt. Speaking to Joystiq, Whisenhunt said that following a PC release, the team will try to adapt the game to the PS4 and ensure parity between both versions. At the moment, the game is not in a playable state on the PS4. 

We’re also told that cross-platform play is currently not part of the developer’s plan for the game.

A lot of it has to do with update cadence and different needs for the systems. And there’s always that age-old conversion of ‘keyboard/mouse versus controller. Since H1Z1 characters can be permanently killed – even by other players – the developer wants to avoid any inherent advantages offered by control schemes.

You can’t have two separate versions of a game going on at the same time, just from a platform perspective. If we need to patch PC very quickly for a performance fix, whatever it happens to be, we would also have to find a way to match version with PS4. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see cross-platform stuff later on, but really our plan is to do both separately.

Would you like to see cross-platform play for H1Z1 eventually?

[Source: Joystiq]