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Let It Die Exceeds an Impressive 6 Million Downloads on PS4 and PC

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die has achieved an impressive new milestone. The hack-and-slash roguelike on the PS4 and PC now boasts more than six million downloads. To celebrate this incredible achievement, the developer plans on hosting an in-game event. Details about the event are scant for now, but more information should emerge at a later date.

Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment announced the news in a celebratory press release. The publisher’s President and CEO, Kazuki Morishita, thanked Let It Die’s “dedicated fanbase” for making such a milestone possible.

By February 2018, months ahead of the Steam launch, the roguelike had achieved a total of four million downloads. An additional two million downloads since then seems rather impressive. Although, it remains unclear as to how many Steam downloads can be attributed to the total count.

A free-to-play title, Let It Die originally hit the PlayStation 4 back in December of 2016. Nearly two years later, it landed on PC via Steam in September of 2018. Since these two versions run on completely separate servers, there is no cross-platform play between Let It Die on PS4 and Steam. Similarly, players are not able to transfer save date between the two versions.

Let It Die takes place in the year 2026, where a tectonic shift results in a massive disturbance. Most notably, South Western Tokyo is split from the rest of Japan. In turn, a huge spire rises out of the ocean due to further seismic disturbances in the region. Beneath the watchful gaze of Uncle Death, Let It Die players must get to the top of the tower.

All in all, this particular adventure certainly seems worthy a try. Last year, we recognized it as one of the PS4’s best ongoing games, alongside the likes of Apex Legends, Path of Exile, and Rocket League.

[Source: GungHo Online Entertainment]