Destiny Planet View Revealed, Uses Google Tech

September 2, 2014Written by Alex Co

In a press release, Activision has sent out a new trailer for Destiny highlighting the Destiny Planet Viewer. Created using Google technology, the Destiny Planet Viewer lets users explore the “future of our nearby planets and moons” via the exploration tool.

According to the presser, the “Destiny Planet View gives fans an immersive first look at Destiny’s in-game locations on Mars, Venus and the Moon. While the experience only reveals a small slice of Destiny’s massive worlds, users will be able step through each area and discover useful lore, gameplay tips and even a few hidden real-world and in-game incentives along the way.”

You can check out the Destiny Planet View official site here.

In other Destiny news, Bungie has revealed that it has well over 100 engineers working on the sci-fi shooter.