Velocity 2X Critical Urgency DLC Launches Today

With Velocity 2X launching later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, complete with cross-buy and cross-saves, FuturLab announced that it will cost $19.99/£12.99/€15.99 on its own, or PlayStation Plus members (NA, EU) can grab it for free.

In addition to the main Velocity 2X game, FuturLab will bring out the Critical Urgency DLC this week, saying, “I know this divides opinion, but when we finally finished the game and submitted it to PlayStation, we realized we hadn’t fully explored some of the new features, there are too many!”

Priced at $2.99/£1.99/2.49, Critical Urgency is a 100MB download that includes six speed-run levels:

For the trophies, Velocity 2X will include 36 of them, with the platinum called “Yippee Kai Yay ************!” Meanwhile, Critical Urgency will include six trophies.

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Will you be playing Velocity 2X today?

[Source: PlayStation]