DriveClub Dynamic Weather Wait “Not Such a Bad Thing,” Says Evolution Studios

Originally scheduled for release with the PlayStation 4 back in November 2013, Evolution Studios and PlayStation made the decision to delay DriveClub, and we’ll finally be able to play it beginning next month.

So far, Evolution has talked about how they could have released DriveClub last year, but it wouldn’t have attained the quality people expected. In a new interview with VG247, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky reiterated that point, adding how the delay was the best thing they could have done:

We think it was the best thing for the game. It’s allowed us to add more tracks, add more cars, polish the handling, polish the visuals and start work on new features which we hope we can introduce very quickly after launch.

One of those new features is the dynamic weather, which will be added as a free update after launch. As Rustchynsky put it, Evolution hasn’t committed to a date yet, but it will “definitely” be out before 2014 ends, with a possible announcement coming around the time DriveClub launches. This is because they “want to make sure there are constant, fresh, new things to keep people playing.”

Even though you’ll have to wait for the dynamic weather, Art Director Alex Perkins says he doesn’t see it as a bad thing, while also giving us a tease that it might not arrive for two months:

It’s not such a bad thing. It’s worth being able to learn the tracks in the dry. Then you can start playing at night, and then when it’s raining during the day. If you really want to challenge yourself, then a snowstorm at night is quite a different experience. It’s probably worth having that two-month lead-in just practicing the tracks before you get the really difficult settings thrown in.

DriveClub will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on October 7 in North America and October 8 in Europe, alongside a free PlayStation Plus Edition. As of right now, DriveClub still isn’t available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

[Source: VG247]