SCEJA Senior Vice President Says 170 PS4 Games to be Out by March 2015


According to SCE Japan Asia senior vice president Hiroshi Ueda, a huge amount of PlayStation 4 games are set to be out by March of 2015.

Around 170 titles are expected to be available on the PS4 by next March, Ueda said in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation, and that doesn’t even include downloadable games.

If we limit the number to packaged [retail] games, not including download versions, I believe by March of next year we’ll be able to have 170 titles announced to date.

Ueda went on to explain that more part of the reason for this is because Japanese developers are starting to create more and more titles for the PS4, mainly due to the popularity of the system.

He also noted that PlayStation Vita will most likely be getting more games as well, saying he believes “we’ll also see some games based on existing smartphone titles come to the PS Vita.”

How excited does this news make you? Are your ready for the huge influx of games?

[Source: Hokano via Gematsu]